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What posts to read first?
« Įrašytas: 2007 m. Sausio 26 d. 09:32:39 »
Hi! I just signed up 4 the 1st time this week.
I'm sorry for being so lazy, but I was hoping anyone could show me any particularly important threads that I should read first, so I can get up to speed here?
Thank you, Mike


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What posts to read first?
« Atsakymas #1 Įrašytas: 2007 m. Sausio 28 d. 12:07:27 »
Hi Mike,

This is forum is mostly Lithuanian, so people can get some help with linux in their mother language.

So, it might be problematic for you to comprehend what is going on in this forum.

If you can read & write in Lithuanian, then just feel free to browse around, or ask questions if you have a problem.